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Aptana plug-in for eclipse on Windows Vista

Hopefully this will save someone a few hours. Apparently, if you're running Aptana on Windows Vista and have the Aero Theme activated, the File Panel will not work. You get the following error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: At first I was convinced that I had the wrong verison of Java installed (Aptana freaks out if you have less than version 1.4), so I did the fun upgrade to Java SE 6 update 2 and the same message popped up. I went into Aptana trouble shooting and clicked "Clean Configuration" and watched eclipse restart and the error was still there. I closed and opened the File Panel, Vista warned me that it needed to change the Theme from "Aero" to "Vista Basic" and then I was fully functional! Not sure if I needed to run the latest Java update or no (since I didn't check the version, just updated on principle), so the theme change alone may have done it.

And, no, to all you haters out there, I was not running the crazy Aero theme with all of the glass and shiny bubbles. I had stripped it down to nothing (not even drop shadows) so it really didn't look much different than the Vista Basic Theme. Performance matters a lot more to me than jelly buttons.