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Archive for October, 2007

Aptana plug-in for eclipse on Windows Vista

Hopefully this will save someone a few hours. Apparently, if you're running Aptana on Windows Vista and have the Aero Theme activated, the File Panel will not work. You get the following error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: At first I was convinced that I had the wrong verison of Java installed (Aptana freaks out if you have less than version 1.4), so I did the fun upgrade to Java SE 6 update 2 and the same message popped up. I went into Aptana trouble shooting and clicked "Clean Configuration" and watched eclipse restart and the error was still there. I closed and opened the File Panel, Vista warned me that it needed to change the Theme from "Aero" to "Vista Basic" and then I was fully functional! Not sure if I needed to run the latest Java update or no (since I didn't check the version, just updated on principle), so the theme change alone may have done it.

And, no, to all you haters out there, I was not running the crazy Aero theme with all of the glass and shiny bubbles. I had stripped it down to nothing (not even drop shadows) so it really didn't look much different than the Vista Basic Theme. Performance matters a lot more to me than jelly buttons.

Windows Vista and the Case of the Missing Rubber Duck

So, setting up the first Vista laptop at Lavjaveler (codename: Javmobeler2; Notebook computers do have sequels) and there is no rubber duck picture in any of the user profile options. I have always been the duck! I know, some people think the duck is stupid, but it was a favorite dog toy at the Kelsey house. We had one duck we thought was near indestructible until it was revealed later that that particular dog just had teeth that were ground down to nubs from her previous home. Well, for those of you NOT making fun of me and were missing the duck, never fear! The development server still runs XP and I poached that duck (because I can). Download it below.

Rubber Duck Picture